Hiking in Mount Morris



On our latest hiking trip brought us to White Pines Forest State Park in Mount Morris, IL which is near Byron, IL. (If you are in the area and know where the Nuclear Power Plants are then you have a pretty good idea of where this is!) The park is very beautiful and covered with tall pines, wild flowers and a creek that winds its way through the park.

When you first drive into the park, the road forks into two different directions. One leads you to the cabin and restaurant area and the other leads to the parking and hiking area. I haven’t eaten at the restaurant, when we go hiking we pack snacks and a lunch (depending on how long we will be out) but I read really great reviews if you are into that sort of thing.

Looking over the rail to the creek.

One of the neatest things about this park is the fords. The creek is a main focal point of this park and instead of making bridges or damming the creek, they created fords! The day we went, there was a storm the night before so the fords were closed, but thats okay because we were in an exploring mood and took the foot bridges. Don’t attempt to cross over the fords with you feet, they are very slippery and i wouldn’t imagine it to be a fun fall.

One last bridge to the hiking trail. Born explorer.

The first hiking path that we came across after the two foot bridges was the Sleepy Hollow path. It was orange, marked hard, so we decided to try it! Below are some photos of our journey. To date, this is my favorite hiking path. Difficult inclines, stairs, tree roots, rocks, and crossing over the creek three times. Its beautiful, peaceful, and a must do for any hiker! It’s also worth noting that we didn’t have any problems with mosquitos while walking through this park. There were times where we were not moving and just taking in the beauty of our surroundings. We made it out bite free.

Hike up to the trail.
Tree roots and skinny walking path.
One of the three stone bridges to cross over the creek.

Throughout the walk, you will see wonderful limestone and rock carved walls with moss and other foliage growing out from it.

Steep and winding staircase down to the trail.


  • Challenging
  • Scenic
  • Wildlife
  • Creek
  • Multiple terrains


  • Narrow trails, difficult for others to pass
  • Can be hard for some hikers due to uneven trails

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